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Q: Does a student have to take Flex for four years?

A: No, but most students find it beneficial to begin the program as a 9th grader.


Q: How are grades determined?

A: Students receive grades for at least 5 components of work each trimester: seminar, electives, writing group, and 2 Flexam grades.  The final grade is determined by an average of these components.


Q: Are Flex students able to fulfill a well-rounded schedule?

A: Yes. Most of our students are involved in sports, music, student government, publications, world languages, elective courses, and drama offerings, as well as numerous community programs.  Below are some real world examples of recent student schedules...

         9th Grade                   10th Grade                 11th Grade                 12th Grade




















Q: Does Flex offer honors designation?

A: Honors credit is given in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.


Q: Does Flex offer Advanced Placement courses?

A: Flex itself is an excellent preparation for the Advanced Placement exams.  Specific AP preparation classes are offered through the Flex elective program.


Q: How will Flex be interpreted for college admissions?

A: The program is recognized for the excellent students who have been accepted by a number of outstanding schools.  Admissions officers have been impressed with the information our students present about their Flex experiences.

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