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Components of the Program


Core includes those materials for which all students are responsible, including lectures, films, readings, and presentations.  All core material is discussed in seminars.


This component is the heart of the Flex Program. It is the forum in which students exchange ideas and analyses about the core material.  Seminars are small groups which meet several times each week.

Writing Group

The writing program is a comprehensive 4-year developmental course.  Students advance from paragraph and essay work in the 9th grade to extended thesis models and mini research papers in the 10th grade.  In the 11th grade, students focus on preparing for the AP Language and Composition Exam, and the college essay.  In the 12th grade, students complete a capstone research project which culminates in an oral defense of their work (Big Boards) and a related community outreach project.

Counseling Group

Each student is assigned to a Flex teacher who serves as a counselor in the program.  The Flex counselor schedules students for electives and seminars, grades examinations, monitors student performance, and communicates with parents. 


Flex teachers or students develop course offerings which complement the core curriculum.  These courses offer close study of novels, plays, current social problems, and historical analysis. 

Grade Level Requirements

Speech, Honors Economics, and American Government are offered within Flex to satisfy state and district requirements.  9th graders learn all aspects of interpersonal communication and the nuances of public address.  10th grade students will explore leadership theory and leadership in action (as mentors in BPS middle and elementary schools).  11th grade students are taught honors level microeconomics and macroeconomics. 12th grade students are taught American Government.

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